10 Sons of Manu Project

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In 2020 I decided this project was complete and shifted my focus to producing black and white artworks. These artworks can found by visiting my Galleries. Once again thank you.

‘The 10 Sons of Manu’ blog is an ongoing project of love and discovery. As a portrait and documentary photographer I use photography as my guide, a channel to explore. I’m interested in learning about cultures, faith, and ritual based ceremonies.

I enjoy spending time with my fellow humans, taking portrait, lifestyle, and event photographs. Listening to peoples life stories, and personal beliefs helps me gain different perspectives and world views. I am grateful for the sharing that occurs in these moments. I record these conversations and photograph vignettes as  photo essays on this blog.

You may ask why the title ‘The 10 Sons of Manu’?

When searching for a title I was based in Thailand and fascinated by the folklore of the Thai people. I looked to mythology to search out something I could connect with, something that encapsulated my desire to record the human condition, and the many experiences presented to me in my travels.

According to Hindu scriptures ‘Manu’ is the first man and from the Manu line have born all human beings. This was my connection, this felt right and “The 10 Sons of Manu” was born.

Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, and I’m enjoying this beautiful country!

My website is a portfolio of ongoing projects, please feel free to visit and hangout for a while.

I’m active in social media and post to Instagram, and tumblr.

Thank you for stopping by.

Tahnia ♥

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