Photo Series from the Crowne Plaza, Kowloon East – Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong in July 2017 for one week and stayed at the Crowne Plaza Kowloon East.

I didn’t have room in my luggage or my schedule for my professional photography kit this visit, and instead opted to take an old Lecia D Lux 4.

hong kong kowloon east view
Urban view Kowloon East – Hong Kong.

This series of photographs were taken from one of the Hotel’s lower level terracing areas. As seen in the photographs this angle is bordered by condos, and looks down to the street activity. It appears to be a sleepy pedestrian morning in Kowloon East

Moving from the air conditioned cool inside of the hotel to the humid morning outdoors caused the camera’s lens to fog over. I decided to work with this serendipitous event and take some photos, and this is the result 🙂

crowne plaza hotel kowloon east hong kong
Kowloon East – Hong Kong
crowne plaza kowloon east hong kong street view
Morning pedestrians in Kowloon East – Hong Kong
hong kong pedestrian traffic kowloon east
Sleepy morning in Kowloon East – Hong Kong

About Tahnia Roberts

Tahnia is a Kuala Lumpur based photographer, and she loves telling stories with photography. She contributes to several platforms for photography and arts, and has received acknowledgement from FWA Photo and other publications on several occasions.

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