Living a Creative Life and Finding Inspiration

I endeavour to live a creative life.

And find inspiration in many places, including browsing through artists online portfolios, visiting galleries and museums, travel, listening to podcasts
and reading.

As a member of Behance (an online platform to showcase creative work) I receive a newsletter called — 99U Weekly — and under the category of ‘Marketing Your Work’ I read an article by Mike Sager bestselling author and award-winning journalist.

The title of the article is Creative Careers Demand Reinvention and it’s well worth the read.

Mike’s article prompted me to contemplate my own photography practice, and re-visit the trajectory of my craft both the highs and lows.

And it struck me that when winning a glamorous job it seemed to some in my peer group a gift, or plain old good luck! I smile looking back and thinking to myself about all the challenging and demanding gigs I worked my way through that helped me earn me this assignment.

I think this quote in Mike’s article from Ice Cube summarises this beautifully.

I always remember something the rapper Ice Cube told me:

“Ain’t nobody givin’ up no ass.”

Meaning that nobody’s gonna walk right up and offer you something you didn’t try really hard to get.

Creativity: It’s not just the product you make. It’s a way of life.

Thanks Mike and Ice Cube for the inspiration ❤


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About Tahnia Roberts

Tahnia is a Kuala Lumpur based photographer, and she loves telling stories with photography. She contributes to several platforms for photography and arts, and has received acknowledgement from FWA Photo and other publications on several occasions.

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