Artists’ in the KLCC Park – Malaysia

I’m a regular visitor to the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) Park, a beautiful tropical landscape with indigenous trees and palms. Pigeons, Zebra Doves and Crows mingle amongst the joggers running the track, tai chi and qi gong masters going through their practice, walkers (some busy hustling on their mobiles), workers using the park as a shortcut to the office, and parents pushing their toddlers in prams.

I use this early morning routine to inspire my creativity and connect with nature. The patterns in nature, the bird noise, colours, and other wanderers. An artist named William (Will) frequents the park with a sketch pad and colored pens in hand. He draws the landscapes around him in wonderful detail and I enjoy his accompanying narratives.

These regular sojourns have inspired me to create a photographic series with the working title ‘playground’ please visit here

The trees are magnificent and a source of inspiration, albeit challenging and rewarding when I manage to capture an image I like.


About Tahnia Roberts

Tahnia is a Kuala Lumpur based photographer, and she loves telling stories with photography. She contributes to several platforms for photography and arts, and has received acknowledgement from FWA Photo and other publications on several occasions.

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